Craig Limkin, Acting Head of the State Service, message to all staff

A Message from the Acting Head of the State Service (09 Oct 2020)

TO: All State Service Employees

Dear Colleagues

In late June this year, the Premier wrote to all senior public servants advising he felt it appropriate he considered whether a wage increase pause should be implemented for senior Public Servants' wages. He had not reached a decision at that point, but postponed consideration of a wage increase which would normally be made in June, until the Budget period.

The Premier did not take this decision lightly. He considered the incredible hit to the economy broadly, and to State revenue, and that many Tasmanians are facing hardships they have never before faced.

We are now in October, and in advance of the release of the 2020-21 State Budget in November, Government has now taken a decision: there will be no wage freeze in this year’s Budget for public servants. While the wage increase for senior executives was put on hold earlier in the year, there will be no further deferral – senior executive’s increases will now proceed as usual and will be backed dated to July 2020.

The Acting Premier has today released a media statement announcing this decision. In that release, he recognises that Tasmanian State Service employees, and its senior leaders, have worked tirelessly to ensure the continued delivery of services to our community during what has been an incredibly challenging period.

As the Premier acknowledged in June, the economy and the Budget have taken a hit from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, wage increases will assist broader spending and confidence in our economy, and are part of vitally important continued local economic stimulus.

I would like to take this opportunity to echo the Government’s recognition for the hard work of Tasmania’s public servants. From those on our front lines, to those delivering services, our people keeping our parks and historic sites open, to those keeping the State Control Centre running – you have my genuine thanks and appreciation. Together we are supporting the Government to keep Tasmania in the best possible position to respond to, and continue to recover from COVID-19.

Yours sincerely

Craig Limkin
Acting Head of the State Service
09 Oct 2020