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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Public Sector Union Wages Agreement (PSUWA)

Current status

The Premier announced on 26 June 2019 that the government has proposed to the unions that the wages negotiations be referred to arbitration.

The Premier has written to all unions advising them that the matter of wages negotiations should be referred to the Tasmanian Industrial Commission for arbitration under section 61 of the Industrial Relations Act 1984 (Tas), so that employees can be paid their wage increase.

This process applies to all Agreements currently being negotiated except for the Nurses and Midwives Agreement, as there is a separate Offer with ANMF and HACSU under consideration.

For wages to be arbitrated on, the Government and the unions must jointly agree on entering into arbitration, and on the scope of matters to be considered in that arbitration. The Premier provided a draft Terms of Reference to unions for their comment. Once there is agreement on the terms of reference, then a joint written request must be made to the President of the Tasmanian Industrial Commission.  The President must be satisfied that the arbitration is desirable for the purpose of resolving an industrial matter.