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Tasmanian State Service Employee Surveys

Current Employee Surveys

The results of Tasmanian State Service Employee Surveys from 2015 onward can be found on the Employee Surveys page of this website.

Employee Surveys 2011 - 2013

The Tasmanian State Service Employee Surveys were conducted annually by the former Public Sector Management Office (PSMO).

2011 TSS Workforce Survey

2012 TSS Workforce Survey

2013 TSS Workforce Survey 

Employee Surveys 2005 - 2010

The State Service Employee Survey was conducted biennially by the former Office of the State Service Commissioner (OSSC) in order to gain a greater understanding of employee views regarding the application of the State Service Principles. The Employee Survey was designed to give all State Service employees the opportunity to express their views about whether work culture and practices within their workplace reflected the requirements of the Principles.

The results of the Employee Survey served to contextualise and complement the information obtained through the annual State Service Agency Survey and continued to be a valuable means of assessing employees' confidence in the application of the State Service Principles. The results of each survey below was where possible, benchmarked against previous surveys to help assess changes in employee perspectives over time.

Employee Surveys were undertaken in 2005, 2007 and 2010.

Copies of these Employee Survey reports, and their accompanying summary brochures, are available for download below in PDF format.

YearSummary brochureFull report


Summary Brochure (PDF, 220 KB)

Full Report (PDF, 2.89 MB)


Summary Brochure (PDF, 752 KB)

Full Report (PDF, 3.23 MB)


Summary Brochure (PDF, 748 KB)

Full Report (PDF, 5.95 MB)