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2013 Transition to Long-Term Recovery

Bushfire Recovery Taskforce

The Tasmanian Bushfires of January 2013 were of a scale unseen in this state in almost 50 years. The catastrophic weather conditions that drove the fires limited the possibilities of containing or preventing widespread damage, destruction and loss. The days and weeks following the fires revealed the full extent of the damage – to properties, people, businesses and communities – and the consequent scope of the recovery effort that would be required.

On 10 January 2013, the State Government established the Bushfire Recovery Taskforce (the Taskforce) and associated arrangements to oversee recovery efforts across all areas of government and non-government sectors.

Since the formation of the Taskforce, a large number of programs have been developed and implemented to support the clean-up and reconstruction of infrastructure and property, the personal recovery of individuals and families, and the revival of businesses and the economy. At least 320 properties have been cleaned up, $5.86 million of Red Cross Bushfire Appeal funding has been distributed to individuals and families, 28 community projects have been approved for funding and significant progress has been made on the rebuilding of community infrastructure and private homes.

The role of government in supporting this work, and many other activities of the Taskforce, has been guided by the Tasmanian Bushfires January 2013: Programs for Recovery planning document (PDF), which is a useful reference point if more detail is required.

This report is the final formal publication of the Taskforce. It provides an overview of the recovery framework, details the activity that the Taskforce has implemented through its five program areas since January 2013, and records significant learnings that aim to improve Tasmania's capacity to recover from future disasters. The Taskforce conducted a review of the recovery process, consulting widely with the community and speaking with those who have been involved with the planning, coordination or delivery of recovery services. Key lessons learned from this review are contained in this document. It should be noted that the review is not related to the 2013 Tasmanian Bushfires Inquiry Report, conducted by Special Investigator Mal Hyde.

About this report

This report follows the structure used for the Tasmanian Bushfires January 2013: Programs for Recovery planning document, firstly addressing overarching issues in the section entitled 'A Framework for Recovery'. Subsequent sections are allocated to the five program areas that the Bushfire Recovery Unit used for planning and delivery of activity. Each of these sections outlines:

  • What we have delivered
  • What we have learnt

The final section details the arrangements that have been made to continue those elements of the formal recovery process that have not yet concluded.

The Report

Download a print version ( PDF, 4MB)

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