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Tasmanian Government Boards

Tasmanian Government boards and committees play an important role in providing leadership, direction and accountability across many areas. Boards and committees represent a vital link between community needs and government delivery of services.

A range of boards and committees currently operate in Tasmania, including statutory authorities, government business enterprises, advisory boards and regulatory bodies.  These bodies are diverse in terms of functions, form, size, level of responsibility and accountability.

Tasmanian Government Board Fee Policy

The Tasmanian Government uses a framework developed previously by consultants Mercer, Cullen Egan Dell (MCED) to determine appropriate maximum levels of fees for board members.

The Tasmanian Government Board Fee Policy (PDF, 373.57 KB) provides a set of steps for classifying boards and incorporates a scale of maximum fees for board members.

In June 2015, the Tasmanian Government agreed that future increases in the Government Board Remuneration Framework would be aligned to increases approved for the Tasmanian State Service Award (TSSA).

Register your interest in becoming a Board member

The Tasmanian Government is keen to ensure that the best candidates are recruited for its boards and committees, and that the right balance of skills, experience, gender and cultural diversity is available.

The Department of Treasury and Finance maintains a secure database of individuals interested in being appointed to government business boards. Contact Government Businesses at the Shareholder Policy and Markets Branch, Department of Treasury and Finance.

Inclusion on the register of nominees does not guarantee selection for a position. Also, having your name on the register of nominees does not oblige you to accept any appointment which is offered.

Tasmanian Women's Register

The Tasmanian Women's Register is a secure on-line database of women who would like to be appointed to Government boards and committees. The Register assists in identifying suitable women who are skilled, experienced and interested in appointment. The Register is administered by the Department of Communities Tasmania contact the Women's Register.