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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Other matters

Financial Entitlements

During the caretaker period, agency provision of entitlements for Ministers and their staff should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Agencies should not cover claims relating to the election campaign or a political event, as these costs are to be borne by the respective political party. Examples of claims that would not be covered include requests for additional laptop computers or mobile telephones for Ministers or their staff unless there was a demonstrable official purpose.

Claims relating to the management of essential government business can be covered in the normal way; for example, primarily in connection with their Ministerial duties.

In the case of claims that cover a combination of government and political business, partial reimbursement can be granted to cover government activities.

Ministerial Vehicles

Use of Ministerial cars and drivers remain available during the caretaker period for official purposes but not for private use.

State Visits

The Premier will, if necessary, determine whether visits by foreign dignitaries involving government hospitality should proceed during the caretaker period. In any case, dignitaries whose visits are scheduled for the caretaker period or shortly afterwards should be advised of the election announcement and any changes in arrangements, including the reduced availability of Ministers and the possibility of a change of government. Details of any requests for Official Visits should be directed to the Manager (Protocol), Communications and Protocol Unit, Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Ministerial Office Records

Originals of agency records including Minutes, Briefings, reports, advice and correspondence which have been forwarded to a Minister should be returned to the agency. All other records held in a Minister’s Office that relate to the functioning and exercise of the Ministerial Office are subject to the Archives Act 1983 and should be disposed of under Disposal Authorisation No. 2339 – Functional records of Ministers of the Crown. This does not include private personal records, party-political records or records that a Minister or Parliamentary Secretary may hold in their capacity as a Member of the House of Assembly or Legislative Council.

At the commencement of the Caretaker period, the Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet, will issue a circular directing all Ministerial Offices, and State Service agencies (see section 13) to follow proper record management procedures to ensure agency records are retrieved and/or destroyed as appropriate.

Physical copying of agency records, or retention of records through electronic means, is strictly prohibited.

  • correspondence that is referred to the agency for action;
  • copies of replies to correspondence prepared by agency staff;
  • replies to Parliamentary Questions, including background and other briefing notes, prepared for the Minister by agency staff; and
  • briefing notes prepared by the agency on the request of the Minister for purposes other than submission to Cabinet.

The records management branches of agencies are responsible for retrieving and destroying relevant records from their relevant Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries. For matters specifically relating to official Cabinet Records, please refer to Section 3, Cabinet and Executive Council Matters during the Caretaker Period.

Further advice on Ministerial records management can be sought from the Manager, Records and Information Management, Department of Premier and Cabinet.