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Department of Premier and Cabinet

7. Comments and advisories

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7.1.1 Copies of Minutes (and some Briefings) are distributed to agencies which may have an interest in the subject matter of the Submission. This consultation is designed to alert agencies to the content of the Submission so they may fully brief their Minister and allow him or her to formally advise Cabinet of his or her view.

7.1.2 The Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Treasury and Finance provide a Cabinet Advisory which includes consideration of comments made by other agencies.

7.1.3 Only one copy of a Cabinet Submission is provided to any agency when requesting comment. It is the agency's responsibility to ensure that:

  • All relevant divisions or offices within the agency are consulted and their concerns included in the formal comment which is provided by the head of agency to the office of the Minister; and
  • Appropriate measures are taken to protect the security of Cabinet submissions during the consultation process (see Section 1.8).

7.1.4 Written comment from an agency should be provided to the Cabinet Office by the date and time stipulated in the covering letter requesting comment. These comments are then forwarded to the authoring Minister before being distributed to all Cabinet Members on the Thursday prior to the Cabinet meeting. An agency’s failure to provide comments in a timely manner may result in the views of that agency not being taken into account in Cabinet deliberations. Agencies should advise the Cabinet Office if they are unable to comply with the suggested timelines.

7.1.5 The copy of the Submission provided should be returned to the Cabinet Office with the comment.

7.1.6 Agency comments should be forwarded to the Cabinet Office through the office of the Minister who has responsibility for that agency. However, comment from any portfolio agency for which the Premier is responsible is provided directly to the Cabinet Office.

7.1.7 A sample format for agency comments is at Example 7 in the Cabinet Handbook Examples volume.

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7.2 Cabinet Advisories

7.2.1 The Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Treasury and Finance prepare advice in the form of a Cabinet Advisory on all Cabinet Minutes and on some Cabinet Briefings.  

7.2.2 Advisories provide advice from the whole-of-government perspective, and may support the recommendations or provide additional analysis and alternative recommendations.

7.2.3 The Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Treasury and Finance are assisted in their assessment of Minutes by the comments from agencies.

7.2.4 A copy of the Advisory is made available to each member of Cabinet.

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