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5. Style, presentation and format of submissions

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5.1 Cover sheet

5.1.1 For each Submission, a Cover Sheet (single copy) is to be provided to the Cabinet Office on plain A4 paper so that the text lines up with the corresponding heading on the pro forma cover sheets.  This is best achieved by using the appropriate template available from the Cabinet Office website.  No cover sheet item should be left blank.  The abbreviation "N/A" may be used if the item is not applicable.

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5.2 Body of the submission

5.2.1 Except for printed attachments, the font used should be Gill Sans Light (or similar), font size 12 pt with single line spacing, and paragraph spacing of 0 pt before and 12pt after each paragraph.

5.2.2 A margin of approximately 4 cm should be allowed on the left hand side of each page, apart from the Cover sheet.  Top, bottom and right hand margins should be at least 2 cm.

5.2.3 The page number must be shown at the top of each page of the submission.  For ease of reference the submission should be page numbered consecutively, beginning with page 2 on the first page following the front cover sheet (which is counted as page 1).  Page numbers for attachments should be numbered separately in a way which does not cause confusion with the page numbering of the body of the Minute (eg pages A1, A2, A3 etc.).

5.2.4 Each paragraph should be numbered, using a hierarchical system, as applied in this Handbook.  A new primary number should be used for each header (eg Purpose 1.1, 1.2; Recommendations 2.1, 2.2, 2.3). Sub-paragraphs may be tagged separately (eg 2.1.1, 2.1.2, etc).

5.2.5 Tables and schedules should be numbered Table 1, Table 2, etc, consecutively throughout the body of the Minute. Each table and schedule must be given a short title clearly describing its contents.

5.2.6 Apart from common abbreviations like “eg” and “ie”, abbreviations and acronyms should be spelt out in full the first time they appear, eg World Heritage Area (WHA).

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5.3 Attachments

5.3.1 Printed reports or other printed material attached to a Submission need not be retyped to conform to the above guidelines.

5.3.2 All attachments to Cabinet Minutes, other than those shown as standard annexes should be itemised in a list at Annexe 6.8 showing the attachment number and title.

5.3.3 Attachments should be clearly identified by number (eg Attachment 1) at the top right hand corner of the first page.

5.3.4 Any reference in the body of a Submission to an attachment must clearly identify the attachment and, where appropriate, the page number and the paragraph or table number.

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5.4 Number of copies

5.4.1 The Cabinet Office requires only one copy of a Submission bearing the original signature(s) of the sponsoring Minister(s).  Cabinet submissions should be printed single sided.

5.4.2 When any attachments to a Submission are numerous or lengthy the Cabinet Office is to be provided with 17 collated sets of those attachments.

5.4.3 Attachments may be printed double sided and copied in black and white unless the use of colour is necessary to convey information contained in tables, maps etc.

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