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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Council information packages for voluntary amalgamation regional meetings

Prior to the voluntary council amalgamations regional meetings, all Tasmanian councils were provided with an information package which contained:

  1. an extract from the Report of the Auditor-General No 4 of 2013-14, Volume 3 Part 1, Attachments 1-4 Comparative analysis of Tasmanian councils;
  2. a copy of the Local Government Board Principles for Voluntary Mergers Report, February 2010;
  3. a copy of the LGMA Emerging Leaders 2010 presentation: Amalgamation - Is it a Dirty Word?
  4. a profile and snapshot of each Tasmanian council prepared by the Local Government Division. 

The profile for each council is listed below:

For further information on the information packages or any queries please contact the Local Government Division either by telephone on 6232 7022 or by email to