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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Review of Councillor Allowances

The Tasmanian Industrial Commission has recently completed a review into councillor allowances.

The review was subject to stakeholder and community consultation, with opportunities provided for both written and verbal submissions. The Industrial Commission concludes that the current level of councillor allowances is financially sustainable and acceptable, and has recommended only minor changes to the existing allowances regime.

The Minister for Local Government has formally invited councils and individual councillors to provide submissions in response to the Commission’s findings and recommendations by Friday 6 July 2018 to

Any changes to allowances will be captured in regulations and take effect following the council elections in October 2018.

The Tasmanian Industrial Commission Report into Councillor Allowances April 2018 is available to view and download.

For further information regarding the review please contact the Local Government Division on 03 6232 7022 or by email to