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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Statewide Partnership Agreement on Communication and Consultation

The statewide partnership agreement on communication and consultation supports ongoing communication and consultation on legislation and policy between the State Government and local government.

The agreement:

  • sets out the basic guidelines for communication and consultation between the two spheres of government including consultation timeframes and protocols for engagement;
  • ensures that local government's position on issues is incorporated into cabinet minutes and briefings;
  • ensures that the State Government consults with local government on relevant legislative proposals;
  • commits the State Government to briefing the Local Government Association of Tasmania on the State Budget prior to its tabling; and
  • ensures that there is liaison on matters raised by the Commonwealth Government.

Issues or disagreements related to the implementation of the agreement are dealt with by the Premier's Local Government Council (PLGC).

Schedule six of the statewide partnership agreement on communication and consultation identifies strategic issues to be progressed cooperatively by the two spheres of government. These issues are progressed by the PLGC through its work plan.  The issues are reviewed every two years to assess progress, identify new issues, or discontinue issues.