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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Tasmanian Local Government Performance Reporting

The Director of Local Government has undertaken to publish series of reports to help keep communities informed about council performance over time and enable councils to identify areas for improvement.

The first of these reports is in the form of a snapshot that focuses on rates, given the strong level of community interest in the subject. The LG DATA Rates Snapshot 2016-17 is available to view and download.

About LG DATA Snapshots

LG DATA snapshots include a comparative table of data for all Tasmanian councils for a financial year, along with a range of performance indicators related to the snapshot theme.

Similar councils are grouped together for the purposes of comparison. Groupings are based on the Australian Classification of Local Governments (ACLG) and take into account population, size and density.

All snapshot data is sourced or derived from publicly available information, such as the Tasmanian Local Government Consolidated Data Collection, Tasmanian Auditor-General reports and Australian Bureau of Statistics catalogues.

The Director of Local Government welcomes feedback from the local government sector, other stakeholders and the broader Tasmanian community on suggestions for focus areas of future snapshots.

Provide your feedback by email to

Past performance reports

Historically, the Tasmanian Government has worked closely with the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) and the Tasmanian Auditor-General to develop an effective performance measurement framework and promote a culture of continuous improvement in local government.

In the past the Local Government Division, and more recently the Auditor-General, has produced performance and sustainability reports which included detailed comparative analysis for Tasmanian councils across a range of performance measures. Recent years has seen the Auditor-General’s reporting approach move toward a broader sector analysis, to provide aggregated information based on rural and urban council classifications.

Performance reports published by the Local Government Division include:

Reports from the Auditor-General can be found at

All data acquired, stored, distributed and published by the Local Government Division is done in accordance with the Local Government Division’s Data Management Plan.