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Local Government Legislation Review

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Review of Tasmania’s Local Government Legislation Framework

The Tasmanian Government is conducting a major review of Tasmania’s Local Government Legislation Framework.

The Review was announced in June 2018 and is being conducted with extensive consultation with the local government sector, the community and affected stakeholders. Further information, including on the scope of the Review, can be found on the About the Review page.

Approved reforms released

Following extensive consultation with the local government sector, key stakeholders and the community throughout 2018 and 2019, the Government has released the Approved Reforms for the Local Government Legislative Framework Review.

The most recent consultation period received almost 800 survey responses and 75 written submissions. The process to date has given clear feedback on what is important to Tasmanians in relation to their local councils.

The majority of the proposed 51 Reform Directions consulted on in the Reform Directions Paper received broad support from the public, councils and key stakeholders and will be implemented. Some reforms were amended to reflect consultation feedback.

Only three of the 51 reforms were strongly opposed in the consultation feedback and accordingly will not be progressed. These were:

  • changing the way mayors and deputy mayors are elected;
  • introducing a candidate nomination fee; and
  • establishing Regional Councils.

Next steps

The Government intends to develop a new Local Government Bill based on the principles of community engagement, good governance, transparency and accountability, efficiency and effectiveness.  The new Bill will support the important role and functions of councils and allow them to best serve their local communities.

The Government also intends to progress approved electoral reforms through a stand-alone Local Government (Elections) Bill. This approach will streamline provisions only used during elections and ensure that a new Local Government Act will be as concise and user-friendly as possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic emergency has impacted timelines for the Review. Adjusted timeframes have been confirmed and can be found on the Timeframes and Scope of the Review page.

News and updates

A summary of the engagement undertaken with the local government sector, the community and affected stakeholders to December 2020 is available in the Review of Tasmania's Local Government Legislation Framework - The Journey so far for you to view and download.

The Local Government Review Newsletter - Issue 12, August 2020 is available to download.

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Review project team contact information

For more information about the Review, contact the Project Team by:

Local Government Legislation Review
Local Government Division
GPO Box 123