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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Board members

The Minister for Local Government appoints all Board members, with the exception of the Director of Local Government, which is a statutory position. Two members are appointed on the nomination of the Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) and the Local Government Managers Australia (Tasmania) (LGMA).

The current Board members are:

Mr Hadley Sides (Chairperson) – Mr Sides is the former Chief Executive of the Sullivans Cove Waterfront Authority and worked for 15 years as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Economic Development with Victorian councils. He was also a director of a private consultancy firm, a director of the Tamar Regional Master Planning Authority (1976-80) and an economist for the Tasmanian State Strategy Plan (1975-76).

Ms Liz Gillam (nominee of LGAT) – Ms Gillam has extensive experience working in local government policy for both the State Government and the Local Government sector over the last couple of decades. Ms Gillam is a previous member of the Board and contributed to its most recent reviews into a potential East Coast merger and establishing guiding principles for voluntary mergers.

Mr Andrew Wardlaw (nominee of LGMA) – Mr Andrew Wardlaw is President of the Local Government Managers Association (Tasmania). He is also the general manager at the Burnie City Council. Mr Wardlaw has 20 years experience in local government, and has held positions in four Tasmanian councils: Burnie City (current), King Island, West Coast and Circular Head.

Mr Alex Tay – Mr Tay is the current Director of Local Government in the Department of Premier and Cabinet. As Director of Local Government, Mr Tay or his nominee automatically becomes a member of the Board under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993.

The Board is provided with executive support by the Local Government Division.