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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Minister for Local Government

Local governments are bestowed general powers of competence under the Local Government Act, which means that councils have the power to do what they believe will benefit their communities. As a result, the Minister responsible for local government takes a ‘hands off’ approach when it comes to the day-to-day operations of local government.

The Minister does, however, play an important role at a strategic level, and is also responsible for ensuring that councils are meeting their obligations under theAct. The Minister for  responsible for local government:

  • represents, along with the Premier, the State Government on the Premier’s Local Government Council;
  • may develop and release statewide policies related to local government;
  • provides strategic leadership to promote sustainability at a statewide level;
  • directs the Local Government Board to undertake investigations as required;
  • orders Boards of Inquiry if required; and
  • oversees amendments to theAct.