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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Council administration

The everyday running of the council is the general manager’s responsibility. Councils employ a range of professional officers with expertise to advise and assist the council, and to undertake specific functions.

The general manager and council officers are there to provide advice and support to the council and assist it in implementing its policies, plans and programs. Elected members then evaluate alternative options and assess the impact of decisions before deciding what’s in the community’s best interest – now and in the future.

In deliberating on and making these decisions it is important that elected members consider the advice provided by the council’s qualified professional officers.

A key challenge for elected members is not becoming involved in the day-to-day operations of the council by directing council officers. This is not your role. It is the role of the general manager. Your role, as part of the council, is to work on overall council strategy and policy and, as an individual elected member, to represent the interests of the community that elected you.

However, building trust and establishing a good relationship with the general manager and council officers is extremely important. Your effectiveness as an elected member, and as a council, will in many ways depend on this relationship. Don’t forget that council employees are responsible for implementing your decisions.