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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Promoting ethical behaviour and useful resources

By acting ethically as an elected member, you are helping to create a local government sector with an ethical culture.

There are many ways in which you can lead by example to promote ethical behaviour, including:

  • by understanding and abiding by the law and your council’s code of conduct and policies;
  • by ensuring that you are acting in the public interest at all times;
  • by being aware of ethical risk areas associated with your role and the resources to help you manage them; and
  • by following a transparent and accountable decision making process.

Useful resources

Both the Local Government Division and the Integrity Commission have a range of resources available to assist councillors manage ethical issues (including training for councillors).The Integrity Commission has a number of useful flowcharts for elected members, including an ethical decision making flow chart and a release of council information flow chart.