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Department of Premier and Cabinet

What is good strategic planning

Good strategic planning sets a direction for the future based on an understanding of the aspirations of your local community. 

Good strategic planning takes into account the external environment and resource limitations, and integrates community objectives with financial and asset management planning.

The Local Government Act 1993 requires councils to prepare a suite of documents which details how you will plan for, develop and manage municipal areas in the interests of the community.

The required documents include:

  • a strategic plan;
  • an annual plan;
  • a long-term financial management plan;
  • a financial management strategy;
  • a long-term strategic asset management plan for each of the council's major asset classes;
  • an asset management policy; and
  • an asset management strategy.

Each planning document should be integrated with the others, but have its own focus. Your council’s performance towards achieving your goals should then be monitored through monitoring and evaluation tools, such as the annual report.

These documents must be reviewed by Council at least every four years. General managers are also required to notify the Director of Local Government (as soon as practicable) when their respective plans, strategies and policies have been adopted by the council.