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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Effective Strategic Planning and Monitoring Performance

Strategic planning is the process by which a council establishes a vision for the future and develops goals, objectives, strategies and actions to achieve that vision. The intention of strategic planning is to bring together council and community interests in a coherent plan for the whole municipality.

Strategic planning is critical to achieving good governance in your council, as it provides accountability to the community for council activities, and provides a mechanism for public participation.

To perform your role effectively, you will need to actively participate in determining the strategic direction of the council and the planning process supporting it. A strategic plan that is ‘owned’ by you and your fellow councillors will be more effective in setting the council’s priorities and managing the community’s demands. Non-ownership of plans by councillors can result in a frustrated community and an administration uncertain of its direction.

The Tasmanian local government strategic planning framework
Figure 2: The Tasmanian local government strategic planning framework