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Department of Premier and Cabinet

What is continuous improvement?

Continuous improvement is an ongoing cycle of evaluation and improvement. Following a continuous improvement process helps to refine the ways things are done to make them as effective and efficient as possible. In the long term, this leads to better use of resources and improved outcomes.

The continuous improvement process can be summarised as follows:

  1. Collect and interpret data to assess and identify opportunities to improve performance.
  2. Develop and implement an improvement plan.
  3. Re-evaluate performance.

Benefits of continuous improvement can include:

  • higher quality service provision;
  • costs savings and potentially income generation;
  • more efficient use of limited resources;
  • enhanced partnerships with other councils; and
  • increased capacity to operate effectively in a changing environment.

The continuous improvement process can be applied to the organisation as a whole, or individual departments, services or processes. Committing to continuous improvement builds the capacity of staff to think critically and systematically about the way they do the things they do, which leads to innovation.