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Find the number of a specific division or office to contact them directly or call Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513.

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Practicing good governance

Good governance checklists

The checklists [1] over the next two pages have been developed to help you evaluate your understanding of good governance and assess whether your behaviour aligns with good governance practices. Checklists are available for individuals, mayors, and councils as a whole. If you feel that there are opportunities for you or your council to enhance governance, you could refer to the resources in section 5 of the Good Government Guide.

Are you practicing good governance?

To practice good governance you need a sound understanding of good governance and you need to act in a way that will promote a culture of good governance within your council.

Is your council practicing good governance? 

For a council to practice good governance there needs to be a culture of good governance, processes that support good governance, processes to identify where good governance is lacking and motivation to improve governance.

[1] The self-assessments provided in section 3 have been adapted from the City of Joondalup’s Governance Framework.