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Good Governance and land-use planning

When is a council not a council? When it is a planning authority. Councils act as planning authorities when they are undertaking responsibilities in relations to the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (LUPAA). Under LUPPA, planning authorities are responsible for developing planning schemes, proposing amendments to planning schemes, supporting or rejecting changes proposed by others, and making decisions on individual developments in accordance with the planning scheme.

Planning can be one of the most important and challenging areas for councillors. Strategic land-use planning is a vital part of how a municipality will develop now and into the future. Statutory planning decisions are complex and often controversial. They demand high levels of knowledge and understanding about the processes, the statutory requirements and the different roles that a councillor has to play. There are specific requirements which councillors must adhere to when they are acting as part of the planning authority.

This section looks at how good governance applies to land-use planning:

The State Government has committed to significant reform in land-use planning, including the establishment of a single state-wide planning scheme. This section of the Good Governance Guide will be updated as the reform progresses.