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What is good governance?

Governance is the processes and culture that guide the activities of an organisation beyond its basic legal obligations.

Good governance in local government is when elected members:

  • act with the highest ethical standards;
  • understand their role and the role of others;
  • foster trusting and respectful relationships;
  • show a commitment to risk management;
  • engage in effective strategic planning;
  • follow a transparent and accountable decision making process;
  • make decisions that promote the interests of the community they serve;
  • understand and abide by the law;
  • to continuous improvement; and
  • commit good judgement.
  • have good judgement.

Good governance is important because it supports councils to make decisions and to act in the best interests of the community.

Figure 1: Local government governance structure

[1] This diagram has been adapted from the City of Joondalup’s Governance Framework.