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Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan

The project

The Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan was publicly released by the Minister for Sport and Recreation in December 2009. The Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan provides a framework for the coordinated development, management and marketing of mountain bike opportunities in Tasmania.  It will guide the development of new opportunities and management of existing opportunities for mountain biking in the state and ensure that Tasmania continues to be a great place to live.  Strategic development and marketing of Tasmania's iconic wild rides, mountain bike (MTB) adventure centres and other high quality trails will complement the Tasmanian Brand and ensure that Tasmania remains an attractive destination for visitors.

Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan - Documents

Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan - Summary (PDF)

The Summary is extracted from the main report and provides a brief overview of the plan, the key findings and recommendations.

Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan - Report (PDF, 6.6MB)

The Main Report as the name suggests is the main document of the Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan. It is comprised of six sections including a final action plan with 12 focus areas and 55 recommended actions.

Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan - Attachments (PDF)

There are seven discrete Attachments that provide a range of detailed information to support the findings or recommendations in the Main Report.

Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan - Marketing Strategy (PDF)

The Marketing Strategy draws on key insights of the Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan to provide marketing implications and a marketing strategy.


The Trails Tasmania Strategy, released by the State Government in December 2007, recognised the strong and growing demand for mountain biking trails in Tasmania, particularly for trails and facilities close to where people live.  The Trails Tasmania Strategy recommended the development of a state mountain bike plan and presented several strategies to address the issues and capitalise on the opportunities facing mountain biking in Tasmania.

The State Government committed $4 million, over three years, in the 2008/09 state budget, to support tracks, trails and city bikeways. Sport and Recreation Tasmania allocated a portion of this funding to the development of the Tasmanian Mountain Bike Plan.

A Steering Committee was established to oversee the project and involved a number of partners including the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service, Forestry Tasmania, Wellington Park Management Trust, and Tourism Tasmania, in acknowledgment of the need for a multi-level, partnership approach to mountain biking development and promotion.  

The following links provide useful background to the project: