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Roy Cazaly

Roy Cazaly

13 January 1893 - 10 October 1963

Member 1987

In the field of Australian Rules Football, Cazaly's contribution is nothing short of outstanding. He is one of the select few who became a legend in their own lifetime. Roy Cazaly's spring-heeled leap inspired crowds to chant 'Up there, Cazaly' throughout games in which he played.

He was not a big man, at 180cm (5ft. 11in) and 79.5kg (12 stone 7lb), but he had this inner strength to enable him to hover in the air and to hold 'one handers'.

Cazaly's tremendous natural ability and dedication to football span a senior career of 40-odd years, 393 senior games (total VFL games St. Kilda, South Melbourne and Victoria 212: total Tasmanian games City, North Hobart, NTFA and Tasmania 181), with the last being at the grand old age of 58. Cazaly was coaxed across the Strait by NTFA club City in 1928.

He coached North Hobart in 1932 and New Town (now Glenorchy) in 1934, and crossed the Strait several times after that until he finally settled in Hobart.