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Harry Cyril Leslie Batt

Harry Cyril Leslie Batt

Member 1987

10 May 1885 - 4 December 1947

Harry Batt was one of Tasmania's foremost yachtsmen, who was well known throughout Australia for his ability as a helmsman. In partnership with his brother W.P. 'Skipper' Batt, Harry Batt in 1912 purchased the 'XA' class yacht Weene, and sailed her with outstanding success right up until 1947. Before the purchase of the Weene, Harry Batt sailed the 15ft, Lahloo, also with success.

In 1925, when 'Skipper' Batt annexed the first Forster Cup for Tasmania, Harry Batt was for'ard hand in the original Tassie. He continued to sail in this craft until Tassie Too was built, and assumed command of her in 1928, winning his first Forster Cup contest in Sydney. He also won the Forster Cup at Hobart in 1931, at Adelaide in 1937, and again at Hobart in 1938. He retired from the Forster Cup competition after his success in 1938, but continued to take an interest in the 21ft. restricted class.

In 1947 he sailed Weene in 'XA' class with outstanding success. Harry Batt had three successes in Albert Cup contests winning in Tassie III at Hobart in 1931, in Tassie Too at Adelaide in 1937, and in Tassie III at Hobart in 1938.