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Elvie Murdoch (nee Whitesides)

Elvie Murdoch (nee Whitesides)

12 March 1882 - 9 August 1971

Member 1987

In 1906, Elvie Whitesides won the Australian Ladies' Amateur Golf Championship at the Royal Sydney Club at Rose Bay, N.S.W., and was the first Tasmanian ever to do so.

At the time, she played under some difficulty, as her suitcase was lost in transit and she was forced to play the first day of the Championship in a frilly afternoon dress and picture hat. Despite this, she went on to win the Championship and the two handicap events, the bogey with an excellent score of 3 up from a handicap of 1, and the stroke competition.

Elvie Whitesides won the first of her five State titles in 1906, and was successful the following year 1907, and again in 1910, 1913 and 1925. She was runner-up five times, with the last being in 1930. She played in her last Australian Championship in 1935. Elvie was also successful in the State Mixed Foursomes on six occasions.

Elvie, at the age of 25, totally lost her hearing.