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Dominic Monypenny

Member 2015

Born 9 October 1960

Paralympic rower Dominic Monypenny believes he was blessed with a lot of energy and determination.

After surviving a 30-metre fall at Cataract Gorge which left him a paraplegic, Dominic decided to take life and run with it.

In 2003, Dominic became the first person in a wheelchair to complete the 22-kilometre Point to Pinnacle Race from Wrest Point Casino to the summit of Mt Wellington.

After conquering Mt Wellington in a non-racing wheelchair, Dominic’s potential to be an Olympic rower was recognised by Bob Blake OAM, the State Coordinator for Adaptive Rowing.

Howling winds and inclement weather at Lake Trevallyn initially put Dominic’s rowing plans off to a rocky start.

Once Dominic was in the boat, gliding across the water and caught a glimpse of his wheelchair on the jetty, there was a moment of apprehension, but no turning back.

In 2005, Dominic won the World Rowing Cup at Gifu Japan. The following year he once again won the World Rowing Cup in London. In 2007, Dominic placed second at the World Rowing Cup in Munich, in Germany.

Dominic was selected for the Australian Paralympic team to compete in Beijing, China, in 2008, where he placed 6th and was Australia’s first Paralympic rowing finalist.

Dominic’s rowing career saw him awarded the Australian Rower’s Rower Award 2005, the Tasmanian Disabled Sportsperson 2005 and 2006 and the Tasmanian Sportsman Award 2007.

Dominic Monypenny has enjoyed international sporting success and broken down barriers along the way.