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Cecil L.T. McVilly

Cecil L. T. McVilly

3 August 1889 - 4 November 1964

Member 1987

Cecil McVilly of the Derwent Rowing Club, in 1913, won the blue ribbon of the world's amateur sculling honours, the prestigious Diamond Sculls at Henley Royal Regatta, England. He won a fine race by a length in a time of 8:49.

McVilly commenced his career on the water in his school days, when he rowed for Queen's College. His first appearance as a sculler was at New Norfolk, in 1908, when he won both the Maiden Sculls and the Ellis Dean Cup. He won the Alexandra Sculls at the Hobart Regatta, and won the Australian Amateur Championship in sculling in 1910 (Hobart) and 1911 (Sydney). In 1914 (Melbourne) McVilly won the Australian eight title. This double victory was a triumph for Tasmanian oarsmanship, as it had only once been equalled in the history of those races at that time.

McVilly was selected to represent Australia at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games - the first Tasmanian Olympian. The games were a disappointment, as he had the misfortune to be disqualified for rowing in front of his opponent. McVilly later went on to become secretary of the Tasmanian Rowing Association.