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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Outdoor sports and bushfire smoke advice

The following advice is for organisers of outdoor sporting or similar events during the ongoing bushfires in Tasmania. It is about smoke and exercise.


Bushfires in Tasmania will continue to cause smoky conditions across the State. Smoke can come and go rapidly. Smoke depends on the closeness and activity of bushfires, wind direction and other factors.

Health effects

Bushfire smoke can worsen chronic medical conditions, resulting in serious health effects including breathing difficulties and heart attacks.

Some people are at higher risk of harm from smoke than others. These include:

1. People with chronic illnesses, particularly asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, diabetes, angina or a previous heart attack

2. Older people (>65 years)

3. The young (<5 years)

4. Pregnant women

Harmful health effects from smoke may also rarely occur in people without any known risk factors.

If you exercise you breath in much more smoke, up to 10 to 20 times more when running.

Participants in higher risk groups must review their participation in the context of their own health and the air quality on the day.

For more information please view this Information sheet (PDF, 60.74KB)