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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Premier's Disability Advisory Council

About the Premier's Disability Advisory Council (PDAC)

The Premier's Disability Advisory Council (PDAC) was established in February 2007. Its primary purpose is to assist the Premier and Government to implement the Disability Framework for Action 2013-2017.

PDAC works with Government and the broader community to promote the inclusion and participation of people with disability in community life.

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PDAC Membership

PDAC is chaired by the Premier and includes the Minister for Human Services as a permanent member. Other Ministers may assist on matters relevant to their portfolio.

PDAC also has a Community Chair and Deputy Community Chair who conduct out-of-session meetings. The Chair of the Minister’s Disability Advisory Council is an ex-oficio member of PDAC.

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Report on Agency Implementation of the Disability Framework for Action

PDAC has produced a report to the Premier on how each agency in the Tasmanian Government has implemented their individual Disability Action Plans under the Disability Framework for Action (DFA). The report reviews work that has been done to date by agencies, and makes recommendations for future work.

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