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Department of Premier and Cabinet

New Tasmanian Women’s Strategy

Gender equality is a priority issue for the Tasmanian Government. In early 2018, a new Tasmanian Women’s Strategy 2018-2020 will be launched, building on the achievements of the Tasmanian Women’s Plan 2013-2018.

Since the release of the Tasmanian Women’s Plan in 2013, there has been an increased focus and interest on the issue of gender equality in Australia. This has included nationally-led efforts to address violence against women and the gender pay gap, as well as recognition and promotion of the achievements of women.

We have seen many positive changes, but there is still much more to do.

Women’s Strategy 2018-2020

The new Women’s Strategy will be a three-year plan to address the inequality experienced by women and girls in Tasmania.

It will focus on four priority areas for action:

  1. Financial security
  2. Leadership and participation
  3. Health and wellbeing
  4. Safety

These priority areas align with gender equality work and initiatives being progressed by the Australian Human Rights Commission, the United Nations and the Australian and other state and territory governments. In developing the new Strategy, we will draw on lessons learnt from successful initiatives in other jurisdictions and be informed by new research and evidence.


Thank you to the many individuals who participated in the recent consultation for the Women's Strategy 2018-2020 by either lodging a written submission or via the online survey. The response rate was great. Nearly 1,400 of you participated in the survey. The findings are now being reviewed.