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Tasmanian Multicultural Policy 2014

Tasmanian Multicultural Policy Review

The Tasmanian Multicultural Policy 2014 and  Multicultural Action Plan 2014 are currently being reviewed with a new Tasmanian Multicultural Policy and Action Plan to be launched in 2019. To ensure our approach to multiculturalism, and identified priorities, are ‘on track’ and relevant, community consultations were held in 2018.

Tasmanian Multicultural Policy 2014

Tasmania is a dynamic and diverse society with a rich cultural, religious and linguistic heritage of which Tasmanians are proud.

The Tasmanian Government's vision is of a strong, confident and inclusive society where all people in Tasmania are treated fairly, with respect and without discrimination. No matter what their cultural background, everyone should have an equal opportunity, and responsibility, to engage in Tasmanian life.

The Tasmanian Multicultural Policy 2014 provides a means of strengthening the potential of multiculturalism for all Tasmanians and setting the future direction for our multicultural community.

Comprehensive consultation with all levels of government, community associations, service providers, peak bodies and the broader community during 2013 illustrated widespread commitment to a multicultural Tasmania, and the desire to promote diversity as an asset for the state.

The Tasmanian Multicultural Policy 2014 builds on the achievements of the 2001 Multicultural Policy. It is underpinned by a set of principles and contains three key strategies and an Action Plan to achieve the vision.

Hard copies of the Multicultural Policy 2014 may be posted on request by calling the Principal Liaison Officer - Multicultural on 6232 7192 or emailing

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