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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Tasmanian Disability Framework for Action

The Disability Framework for Action 2013-2017 is a whole-of-government policy aiming to remove barriers and enable people with disability to enjoy the same rights and opportunities as all other Tasmanians.

The Disability Framework for Action 2013-2017:

  • sets out the Government's vision for Tasmania as an inclusive and caring community
    applies to all Tasmanian Government agencies
  • provides a direction for action by Government
  • enables people with disability, their families and carers to work in partnership with the Government
  • promotes leadership across all State Government agencies to institute a 'whole-of-government' approach to policy and planning, service delivery and evaluation
  • includes a performance monitoring framework

During 2013, Tasmanian Government agencies developed new Disability Action Plans to align with the Disability Framework for Action 2013-2017.

Disability action plans

The Disability Framework for Action requires each Government Agency, as part of their strategic and business planning, to prepare a disability action plan which set out how the needs of people with disability will be considered in the design and delivery of agency policies, programs, services and facilities.

Agency disability action plans identify specific actions to achieve goals and objectives that will improve outcomes for people with disability in the following areas:

  • disability awareness and responsiveness
  • access to government buildings and facilities
  • access to information
  • employment opportunities
  • policy development
  • service delivery

The Tasmanian Government appreciates the contribution made by individuals and disability organisations in Tasmania in providing information and advice to agencies in relation to the development of disability action plans.

Disability action plans are living documents that will be developed and improved over time. Departments are encouraged to review and update their plans annually to demonstrate progress against specific actions.

All Departments provide an annual report to the Premier's Disability Advisory Council on their progress in implementing the Disability Framework for Action.

Agencies' disability action plans