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Tasmanian Carer Policy 2016

Carers are a diverse group of people, coming from all walks of life and life stages. The commitment of time and activities that fall within a caring role is different for each carer.

Woman in wheelchair with her carer, presenting her Companion Card to a staff member at outdoor event.

Recently released Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data state that there are now estimated to be over 84,000 informal carers in Tasmania, of which 28,300 are primary carers. These include:

  • ageing parents caring for adult children;
  • children caring for parents; and
  • grandparents who, for a variety of reasons, are now the primary carers of their grandchildren.

Tasmanian Carer Policy 2016

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, Sarah Courtney MP, launched the Tasmanian Carer Policy 2016 on Friday 14 October 2016.

Since the release of the Tasmanian Carer Policy 2013 and its accompanying Tasmanian Carer Action Plan 2013-18, there has been great progress in Tasmanian Government departments promoting carer awareness, supporting employees with caring responsibilities, and engaging carers in the development of relevant policies, programs and services.

Since 2013, there have also been major reforms in the social services sector.

This includes the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, My Aged Care and changes in the mental health sector.

These reforms impact significantly on carers in Tasmania, and the people for whom they care.

To reflect these reforms, and the current policy environment, the Tasmanian Government has worked with Carers Tasmania to update the 2013 Policy to produce the 2016 Policy.

You can view the 2016 Policy by clicking on the link below:

Disclaimer: The statistics in the Tasmanian Carer Policy 2016 was updated in February 2017 to reflect newly release Australian Bureau of Statistics data from the 2015 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers.

The Government thanks members of the Tasmanian Carer Advisory Council, which concluded in August 2016, for supporting the Government in its implementation of the 2013 Policy and Action Plan.

A new Carers Issues Reference Group will be established in 2017, to enable the Government to engage with key community sector organisations and government agencies on carer issues.

Tasmanian Carer Action Plan

The Tasmanian Government, with the support of Carers Tasmania, has recently undertaken consultations to inform the development of a Tasmanian Carer Action Plan to implement the Tasmanian Carer Policy. The new Action Plan will be released in the second half of 2017.

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