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Aboriginal Land

Land Return

Photo: larapuna/Eddystone Point

The Aboriginal Lands Acts 1995 promotes reconciliation with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community by granting to the Aboriginal people certain parcels of land of historic or cultural significance.

The Act provides for the establishment of the Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania (ALCT), election of members to the Council and the return of land to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.

The following information outlines which parcels of land have been returned to the Aboriginal community.

Land returned under the Aboriginal Lands Act 1995HectaresYear returned
putalina/Oyster Cove311995
Mt Cameron West (Preminghana)5251995
Mt Chappell Island 3251995
kutikina Cave1521995
ballawinne Cave5601995
wargata mina Cave1561995
Badger Island1,2441995
Babel Island4601995
Big Dog Island331.81995
Risdon Cove 79 1995
Cape Barren Island (part)7181995
Wybalenna, Flinders Island1,38.61999
Cape Barren Island 42,706 2005
Clarke Island 8,1492005
Land returned to the Aboriginal community under other arrangements


YearLand return arrangement
Bruny Island (portion)92006Crown Land Assessment and Classification Project section 35A of the Aboriginal Lands Act
larapuna/Eddystone Point10.4200640-year lease issued by the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment
nirmena nala0.5 

Hydro Tasmania (1864m2) and a private developer (3426m 2)