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Family-friendly workplaces

Women play an important role in Tasmania’s economy. The need for business to attract and retain skilled women is vital to Tasmania’s economic productivity. An important key to retaining skilled employees is the extent to which businesses can provide flexibility in employment and family friendly workplaces. This means workplaces which enable employees to balance paid employment with caring for children and other family members.  Employees are increasingly looking for companies that will be supportive of their need for a healthy work-life balance.

Flexible work practices

Mother reading with two childrenFlexible work practices enable employees and employers to better manage the work/life balance. This guide is intended to assist organisations and employees who wish to implement such work practices.

Flexible work practices can be broad ranging and as creative as management and employee negotiations allow. What may suit one employee or organisation, may not suit another.

This guide lists a range of practical and flexible work options, along with the benefits of those options to both employees and employers. It includes ‘things to work through’ for the employer and employee, when considering flexible work practices.

Flexible Workplaces: Practical Flexible Work Practices to Achieve a Work and Life Balance  PDF icon  (PDF, 497KB)

PDF icon This a Portable Document Format (PDF) file and requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader is easy to download and is free of charge.

Flexible working arrangements

The Australian Government's website provides information and advice to employers and employees on improving the balance between work and family life, with a focus on flexible working arrangements. Includes fact sheets on:  Benefits of Work/Life Balance; Flexible Working Arrangements and Paid Parental Leave.

Employer of Choice Awards

The Tasmanian Government is investing in the economic future of Tasmania by assisting employers succeed in attracting and retaining skilled workers to support the growth and sustainability of their business.

The Employer of Choice Awards celebrate and reward workplaces that adopt modern work practices and promote a work-life balance as part of a strategy to attract and retain skilled workers.

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