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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Partnership Agreement between DHHS, DPAC and the Community Sector

Most other states and territories have an Agreement or Social Compact in place between the community sector and government, including a National Compact launched in 2010.

The Tasmanian Partnership Agreement (the Agreement) has been endorsed after a long period of development and consultation with stakeholders.

The final round of consultation for the Agreement between the community sector, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC) was undertaken in March 2012, where all funded organisations were given opportunity to comment on a draft Agreement by responding to an electronic survey, lodging a written submission and/or attending regional consultative forums.

Participation by the sector in the final consultation round was invaluable with approximately 84 representations by stakeholders who provided ideas and input to enable the Working Group to finalise the draft Agreement.

On 24 October 2012 the Premier of Tasmania hosted the launch of the Tasmanian Partnership Agreement between DHHS, DPAC and the community sector PDF icon (PDF 2,218 KB)

The goal of the Partnership Agreement is to strengthen the capacity of the community sector, DHHS and DPAC to respond to the emerging needs of Tasmanian communities, and to set the framework for encouraging further partnerships between government and non-government organisations.

It lays a foundation for a stronger, more productive relationship between Government and the community sector as we work together to help Tasmanians who really need it. The community sector and Government agencies cannot achieve their respective goals without constructive working relations built on mutual understanding, respect and cooperation.

It’s been over 12 months since a Partnership Agreement was entered into between the DHHS, DPAC and the Tasmanian community sector.

Signatories to the Partnership Agreement are accountable for implementing the Agreement and fostering the principles and priorities throughout their respective areas of activity. Part of that accountability requires reporting on progress, and to that end, the Peaks Network and Government Strategic Forum has developed the attached Partnership Agreement Annual Report PDF icon(PDF 722 KB)

The Annual Report highlights the good work that has been undertaken to raise awareness and set the foundations for effective partnerships over the last year. It includes a snapshot of some of the many examples of the Partnership Agreement in practice already, a discussion of some of the key challenges for implementation so far, and summary of next steps for implementation of the Partnership Agreement.

In addition to the online Partnership Agreement scorecard survey, many of the Peaks Network and Government Forum members have consulted with their respective agencies and member organisations to assist with the development of this report. From DHHSs perspective, we have reflected our earlier consultation with funding agreement managers about opportunities and challenges for implementation within this report.

More information on the Partnership Agreement can be found on the DHHS website.