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Department of Premier and Cabinet

A Tasmanian Government Framework for Community Engagement

The Tasmanian Government is committed to improving the way it engages with the community. Better community engagement practices, coordination and information sharing will improve decision-making as well as outcomes for community and the Government.

The purpose of Tasmanian Government Framework for Community Engagement (the Framework) is to support Tasmanian Government agencies to undertake community engagement.  It is a 'tools not rules' approach that aims to improve the coordination and consistency of community engagement, whilst encouraging creative and innovative approaches.

The Framework has been informed by extensive consultation with communities and key stakeholders across Tasmania

The Framework will support and guide Government agencies to undertake open, honest, and transparent engagement during policy, program and service development and will also provide the mechanisms to better manage engagement activities.

A series of engagement guides have also been developed to support engagement with Tasmanian population groups.

The Tasmanian Government Framework for Community Engagement 


Community Engagement

Community Engagement Principles

Community Engagement Standards

Deciding on how to engage

Types of Engagement

Planning for Engagement

Understanding communities

Stakeholder engagement

Communication for engagement

Managing expectations and issues

Engagement methods and tools

Setting up groups and committees

Using online engagement

Evaluating engagement


The Framework may be downloaded by opening the documents below: