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Young Achiever Awards inspire a brilliant career

Never underestimate the influence and importance of young achievers.

From a very young age Lila Landowski knew she wanted to do something meaningful with her life, despite contending with an environment of significant family hardships, juggling carer responsibilities with studies, and coping with bullying which “made it difficult to stay afloat”.

As a young child growing up in public housing, Lila was in awe of the Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards being promoted on TV, but never dreamt that years later she would be accepting the Premier’s Tasmanian Young Achiever Award from Premier Will Hodgman.

Now a neuroscientist and lecturer, Dr Lila Landowski is promoted as a Tasmanian Young Achiever and is an inspiration to others.

As a medical researcher, Lila is making exciting discoveries and working towards greater understanding of how the human brain works.

“Medical researchers can find that missing piece of the puzzle. We can work towards a cure or therapy for diseases. I can’t explain how mind blowing it is to look under the microscope and think we have done the impossible and regenerated nerves,” Lila said.

Dedication and hard work has opened up opportunities for Lila in lecturing, coordinating university units, learning research techniques in world-leading laboratories at the Mayo Clinic in the United States of America and the Florey Institute in Melbourne; and having a science segment on ABC Radio.

Lila also recently secured over $440,000 in funding from the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation’s 2017-19 Project Grant to embark on some new ground-breaking research into stroke.

Why nominate a young person?

Being recognised as the 2015 Premier’s Young Achiever of the Year provided Lila with many opportunities to promote science to the public, and inspire the next generation of young scientists.

“When people first set out in a science career, they have no ambitions for recognition, other than for peers to acknowledge the merit of their work. Winning the Premier’s Tasmanian Young Achiever Award has exceeded every expectation.”

“I encourage everyone to think about the young people they work with. By nominating a young person for these Awards, you will give them immense satisfaction, pride and confidence in what they are doing. They will strive to be better because they believe in themselves,” Lila said.

For Lila, winning the Premier’s Young Achiever of the Year made “the genuine pain and suffering she encountered on her journey, worth it”.

“The science is always worth it, but it’s hard to justify suffering. Winning this award is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. The person who nominated me changed my life, and if you nominate someone, you may just change their life for the better, forever.”

The Tasmanian Young Achievers Awards will be announced at a Gala Awards Ceremony on 21 April 2018.

Nominations for the Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards will open later in 2018.

More information about the Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards is available from Awards Australia.

Phone: 03 6234 9677