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Parliamentary (Disclosure of Interests) Amendment Bill 2017

As part of the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s commitment to the highest standards of public disclosure, transparency and accountability, we are seeking your comment on a draft Bill to amend the Parliamentary (Disclosure of Interests) Act 1996.

This draft Bill has been developed in response to community expectations and recommendations put forward by the Integrity Commission and the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner. The proposed changes will also make the requirements more consistent with disclosures for members of other Australian Parliaments.

The draft Bill makes a number of significant changes to current disclosure requirements, which will require:

  • the register of interests to be published online.
  • the disclosure of the interests of spouses, dependent children and other dependents.
  • the disclosure of a boarder range of gifts and benefits, such as non-monetary gifts.

The draft Bill also makes a series of minor amendments to improve the operation and understanding of the Act.

How to make a submission

All comments on the draft Bill are sought in writing and submissions must be received by 5pm on
3 February 2017.

Submissions can be forwarded to us via:


Mail: Policy Division 

Level 7, 15 Murray Street

HOBART   TAS   7000

Please note that all submissions made in response to this draft Bill will be treated as public information and will be made publicly available on our website, unless you advise in writing that your submission, either in whole or in part, is to be treated as confidential.

No personal information other than your name will be disclosed.

The Department will not publish submissions containing defamatory or offensive material.

For further information please contact Lisa Caswell, Senior Policy Analyst, Policy Division on 6232 7209, or Jess Jackson, Research and Policy Analyst, Policy Division on 6232 7742.

Consultation draft: Parliamentary (Disclosure of Interests) Amendment Bill 2017