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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Agency preparations for after the election

Policy development

Agencies can, during the caretaker period, continue to work internally on proposals and policy development that could, if approved by the post-election government, be implemented after the election.

Particularly where a proposal is not controversial and is likely to proceed irrespective of the election outcome (for example, statutory reviews), agencies should take the necessary steps to ensure that they will be in a position to advise the post-election government on the proposal and, if approval is given to do so, to proceed to implement the proposal after the election.

Agencies should also prepare briefing papers and plans for the publicly announced policies and commitments made by the Government and the opposition parties, to present, as appropriate, to incoming Ministers after the election.

Incoming Government Briefings

It is usual during the caretaker period for agencies to prepare briefing material for an incoming Premier on their composition, administration and major current issues. The Director, Policy Division, Department of Premier and Cabinet co-ordinates these briefings from a whole-of-government perspective.

Agencies should also prepare portfolio specific briefing packages for their new Minister, including the election commitment briefings referred to in paragraph 8.3.

Post-Election - Cabinet Documents

Successive governments have accepted the convention that Ministers do not seek access to documents recording the deliberations of Ministers in previous governments. Cabinet documents, in particular, are considered confidential to the government that created them. In this context, if there is a change of government at an election, all Cabinet documents, including Agendas, Minutes, Briefings and Decisions should be returned to the custody of the Cabinet Office.

The Manager, Cabinet Office, Department of Premier and Cabinet issues further procedural guidelines on the handling of Cabinet documents once the result of the election is known.