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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Long Service Recognition Program – FAQ’s

Where did you get my details from?

Each year the Communications and Protocol Unit, Department of Premier and Cabinet contacts all government departments, GBE’s and SOC’s requesting details of employees who have reached the 40 year milestone in the previous year.

I reached 40 years of service last week, why am I not being awarded this year?

We ask for details of employees who reached their milestone within the previous calendar year. By doing it this way, we capture an entire year at a time.

I spent 10 years with Commonwealth/interstate government, am I eligible?

When determining eligibility for a 40 year recognition, – "employment" includes 40 years of continuous employment culminating in the Tasmanian Government. Time employed with other State/Territory/Federal governments is included.

Can I receive a gift and forgo the function?

Yes you can, we understand not everyone is comfortable receiving their recognition in a formal way.

I’m not sure I want to go through with this, can I say no and change my mind next year?

Yes you can.  We would be happy to include you in the following round if you are unsure at this time.

I retired recently, am I still eligible?

Yes, as long as you reached 40 years of service prior to your retirement you are eligible for recognition.

Can I have a milestone pin and forgo the gift and function?

Yes, just let us know that is your preference and we will send the pin to you straight away.

When will the function be held?

We typically hold the functions in October/November each year.  However sometimes this is not possible due to various reasons.  We do our best to lock in the dates as early as possible and we aim to have your invitation to you at least three weeks in advance.

Who can I contact for advice?

Communications and Protocol Unit 6270 5667 or