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Working together can make it easier to achieve your goals of reducing carbon emissions, improving your energy efficiency and turning waste into resources. You might be surprised to discover the level of interest where you live, and the skills that can be shared between like-minded people.

The Waterworks Valley Community Association offers the following advice to get your community working together:

Three is all you need! Within your existing networks - friendship groups, neighbourhood, and workplace colleagues - you only need three 'sparks' to motivate a community into action. Three people are enough to call a meeting, enough to have great ideas and enough to excite action. Kick-starting your community isn’t as hard as you think because over 90 per cent of Tasmanians are already concerned about climate change; they just need a good prompt.

When you do bring your group together: 

  • Keep things informal. 
  • Find out what skills your people have and what their needs and concerns are.
  • Respect and encourage everybody's input.
  • Give those with a real passion the chance to run with their ideas and have a go. 
  • Don't just meet and talk, create a series of interesting events where people can learn something new. 
  • Do physical things, like checking each other's homes and gardens.

Most importantly, be optimistic, have fun, share success stories, and enjoy the adventure.