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Plastic Free July

Start Date 1st Jul 2018
End Date 31st Jul 2018
Location Worldwide

Choose to refuse single-use plastic during July

Join millions of people from countries around the world and make a difference to reduce plastic pollution.

Plastic is a material that was designed to last forever. But we use plastic bags, bottles and takeaway containers for just for a few minutes. The problems with plastics:

  • they break into smaller pieces, but don't break down
  • if they are recycled, they usually only have just one more use, rather than repeated use
  • they escape easily from bins, trucks and events, and become litter
  • plastic litter ends up in waterways and oceans
  • the are made of fossil-fuels, a finite resource

You can make positive choices that reduce the amount of plastic you use:

  • avoid produce packaged in plastic
  • use refillable water bottles and coffee cups
  • remember your reusable shopping bags
  • refuse plastics that 'escape easily', like balloons, straws, takeaway cups

Join the Plastic Free July challenge for tips and ways to reduce single-use plastic.

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