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Coyote Made the Rivers: 2019 Japanangka errol West Lecture (Hobart)

Start Date 23rd Jul 2019 6:00pm
End Date 23rd Jul 2019 7:30pm
Location Stanley Burbury Theatre, University Centre, Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart TAS

This free public event, the 2019 Japanangka errol West Lecture, is presented by Dr Chad S. Samill, Vice President of Native American Initiatives, Northern Arizona University.

Dr Hamill is a Native American scholar and musician. He will present songs, images and stories on Indigenous ecological continuity in the era of climate change.

The Columbia River, in the US North-West interior, is home to the Spokane Tribe and other Native nations. European changes to the river system have had a detrimental effect on both the Columbia Plateau tribes, and the natural movement of the rivers. Dr Hamill will use music, storytelling and scholarship to explore the current state of river health, and how Native nations in the regions have exercised resilience to maintain their relationship with their homelands.

The aim of this presentation is to show Indigenous perspective and traditions that take on added urgency in the era of climate change.

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