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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Adaptive management framework

The Independent Review suggests that adaptive management, supported by monitoring, evaluation and transparent reporting, will provide a sound approach for achieving the target and objects of the Act. Adaptive management includes:

  • drawing on best available science;
  • assessing and responding to key risks and opportunities for Tasmania;
  • integrating action to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change;
  • working collaboratively across government, industry and other key stakeholders;
  • complementing national and international policy; and
  • being informed by monitoring and evaluation.

The Tasmanian Government acknowledges the value in this approach and work currently underway in climate change policy and related areas reflects this. An example of this is Climate Futures for Tasmania, which provides our most important source of downscaled climate projections for Tasmania. This resource is used to inform decision making across a broad range of government sectors. The Tasmanian Government is committed to ensuring that the Climate Futures for Tasmania data remains robust and relevant to decision makers.

The Tasmanian Government’s climate change policy function sits within the Department of Premier and Cabinet, acknowledging this critical policy area needs a whole-of-government approach, in collaboration with local government, industry, non-government organisations and the community. We actively participate in Australian Government initiatives to ensure our climate change policy and initiatives complement national and international efforts.

The Tasmanian Government’s Climate Change Action Plan is being developed and will be informed by an adaptive management approach.