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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Review of Tasmania's Climate Change Act

The Climate Change (State Action) Act 2008 (the Act) sets the Tasmanian Government’s legislative framework for action on climate change. The independent review is a four-yearly legislative requirement. The current review is being delivered by consulting firm Jacobs, in consultation with the Tasmanian community.

Have your say

The independent review is being carried out in consultation with relevant business, scientific, environment and community bodies.

Make a written submission

Jacobs has prepared a Discussion Paper to help you prepare a written submission. To provide additional information for consultation regarding Tasmania's emissions reduction target, consultancy firms Point Advisory and Indufor have developed a Net Zero Emissions Background Paper. Instructions about how to make a submission are included in the Discussion Paper.

Written submissions close on Thursday 29 April 2021.

If you make a written submission, please include the name and contact details of the person or organisation making the submission. All submissions are welcome and valued.


Submissions will be published on this website. Your name or the name of the organisation making the submission will be made public. Personal contact details will not be published. Please tell us if you don't want your submission published. Defamatory or offensive material will not be published.

Updating our climate change action plan

At the same time as the review of the Act, we are developing Tasmania’s next whole-of-government action plan, which will build on the themes and actions from Climate Action 21. Consultation on the new action plan is currently open, so you can have your say about both of these important projects at the same time.


If you have questions about the independent review, you can send an email to

Next steps

After the consultation process, the independent reviewer (Jacobs) will deliver a final report with recommendations for the Tasmanian Government to consider.

Terms of Reference for the independent review

Terms of Reference were prepared to establish the scope of the independent review. As outlined in the Terms of Reference, a key focus of the review will be to consult with the community on setting a new and ambitious net zero greenhouse gas emissions target for Tasmania.


For more information please contact the Tasmanian Climate Change Office on 03 6232 7173 or by email at