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Electric Vehicle ChargeSmart Grants Programs

Under Climate Action 21: Tasmania's Climate Change Action Plan 2017-2021, the Tasmanian Government has committed to supporting electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Download a map of proposed ChargeSmart electric vehicle charger locations.

Fast Charging - closed

Grants of up to $50,000 support Tasmanian organisations to purchase and install Direct Current (DC) electric vehicle charging stations. The chargers must be available for public use.

Fast chargers provide a high rate of charge and are installed where drivers need to recharge and get back on the road quickly.

ChargeSmart Fast Charging grant applications closed on Friday 24 May 2019.

Successful grant applicants

Bennetts Petroleum Supplies Pty Ltd (New Norfolk) South $35,000
City of Hobart South $50,000
Huon Valley Council South $50,000
Evie Networks (Campbell Town) Central $50,000
Evie Networks (Elizabeth Town) Central $42,000
Electric Highway Tasmania (Swansea) East $40,000
Electric Highway Tasmania (St Helens) North East $40,000
Energy ROI (Scottsdale) North East $48,930
Electric Highway Tasmania (Burnie) North West $20,000
Electric Highway Tasmania (Derwent Bridge) West $50,000
Electric Highway Tasmania (Queenstown) West $50,000
Devonport City Council North $50,000

Destination Charging - closed

The ChargeSmart Destination Charging Program offered grants of up to $2,500 to support organisations to purchase and install an Alternating Current (AC) electric vehicle charging station for public use.

Destination chargers are useful for locations where electric vehicle drivers stay for an hour or more, such as shopping centres, hotels, caravan parks, public car parks, restaurants and tourist attractions.

ChargeSmart Destination Charging grant applications closed on Friday 10 May 2019.

Successful grant applicants

Tin Dragon Trail Cottages North-East $2,500
Tin Mountain (Accommodation - Derby) North-East $2,500
Bischoff Hotel Waratah North-West $2,500
Ashgrove Cheese North $2,500
Launceston City Council (Paterson West car park) North $2,500
Launceston City Council (York West car park) North $2,500
Launceston Drive Park Fly North $2,500
Aquila Rise (Accommodation - Friendly Beaches) East $2,500
Brighton Council South $2,500
Clarence City Council South $2,500
St Michael's Collegiate South $2,500
Royal Tasmanian Botanical GardensSouth$2,500

Workplace Electric Vehicle charging - closed

The Workplace Electric Vehicle charging grants program supported workplaces (eg councils, businesses and not-for-profits) to prepare for the technology by providing grants of up to $5,000 to install electric vehicle charging stations.

ChargeSmart Workplace grant applications closed on Monday 21 May 2018.

Successful grant applicants

City of Launceston North $5,000
Department of Education - Newstead College North $3,036
Meander Valley Council North $4,422
University of Tasmania - Newnham campus North $4,204
Department of Education - Launceston College North $4,817
University of Tasmania - Cradle Coast campus North-West $4,204
Central Coast Council North-West $4,565
Cradle Coast Authority North-West $5,000
University of Tasmania - Sandy Bay campus South $4,204
Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania South $5,000
Huon Valley Council South $5,000
Total $49,452

ChargeSmart helps workplaces to:

  • demonstrate leadership by showing that your organisation is ready for electric vehicles;
  • support employees who are electric vehicle owners, or may be in the future;
  • support increased uptake of electric vehicles in your fleet;
  • encourage electric vehicle uptake through increased awareness of the technology and increased convenience of charging; and
  • encourage other workplaces to install charging stations through leading by example.


For further information please contact the Tasmanian Climate Change Office by email: or by telephone: (03) 6232 7162.