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Tasmania's energy sector greenhouse gas emissions from the 1989-90 baseline year to 2015-16, by sub-sectorTasmania’s transport sector has the highest greenhouse gas emissions out of all the sectors of the State’s economy. Vehicle fleet costs are a significant expense for the Tasmanian Government, local government, private sector fleets and the community.

This highlights the need to put in place strategies to support a more sustainable transport system.

The Tasmanian Government’s Climate Action 21: Tasmania’s Climate Change Action Plan 2017-2021 takes practical action to reduce the State’s transport emissions and fuel costs by promoting the uptake of electric vehicles and other forms of transport, such as public transport, and taking action to improve Tasmania’s vehicle fleet efficiency.

The Tasmanian Government is focusing on reducing transport emissions and fuel costs through improved fleet efficiency and supporting the uptake of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles powered by Tasmania’s renewable energy have the potential to reduce emissions in the transport sector and help improve the State’s energy security.

Under Climate Action 21, the Tasmanian Government is committed to working with key partners to develop a coordinated approach to support the uptake of electric vehicles in Tasmania. This includes supporting the rollout of a statewide electric vehicle charging network.

Electric Vehicle Working Group

The Tasmanian Government has established the Electric Vehicle Working Group to provide advice on the development of a coordinated approach to support the uptake of electric vehicles in a way that maximises benefits to the State. Read or download the Electric Vehicle Working Group Terms of Reference for more information on its role and membership.

Electric Vehicles in Tasmania

The Tasmanian Government’s Electric Vehicles in Tasmania: Current State of Play explores key considerations for supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in Tasmania. The paper is designed to inform the Electric Vehicle Working Group and start the conversation regarding the Tasmanian Government’s role in supporting electric vehicle uptake.

The Supporting electric vehicle uptake in Tasmania – Fact Sheet provides further information regarding the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to support electric vehicle uptake.

Smarter Fleets

The Tasmanian Government’s Smarter Fleets Program commenced in July 2015 to reduce vehicle fleet greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs by providing tailored guidance and support.

To date, six vehicle fleets have participated in the Program, achieving a 20 per cent reduction in fuel expenditure and 11 per cent reduction in total carbon emissions. Initiatives implemented by participating fleets include revising vehicle procurement policy, improving fleet data collection and analysis, whole-of-life fleet costing, and smarter vehicle booking systems.

Smarter Fleets is continuing in 2018, with the extension of the Program to Tasmanian Government agency fleets. The Program will also be extended to include heavy vehicle fleets and additional light vehicle fleets.

Current Smarter Fleets initiatives

ChargeSmart Grants Program

ChargeSmart grants support workplaces to install electric vehicle charging stations. Learn more about ChargeSmart.